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    Aug 13, 2022  
2022-2023 | Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 | Academic Catalog

Prior Learning Assessment

At Edison State Community College, our students bring a wealth of experiences-from the workplace and community-to the classroom. We value the learning you've acquired outside of the classroom, and we offer various ways to turn those experiences into credit through a process called Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).

Prior learning credit may include
​►Significant work or volunteer experience in the area which you are seeking credit.
​►State, national, or industry certifications that define your learning experience.
​►Articulating and documenting the learning you received as a result of your experiences.
​►Standardized testing.

Portfolio Evaluation
You may be eligible for credit for the demonstrated mastery of skills or competencies though work experience. Credits may be awarded if learning corresponds directly to a course currently offered at Edison State. Specific documentation and verification of knowledge and applicability to the equivalent course(s) is required. This procedure measures your achievement of specific course objectives as evaluated by subject experts. You should discuss this program with an advisor and meet informally with a faculty member for each course, to clarify questions about portfolio components, requirements, and procedures.

The Prior Learning Portfolio cost is $30 per credit hour. The payment must be submitted before the portfolio is reviewed.

The process by which a student can earn Prior Learning Credit is as follows
​►Apply to Edison State Community College.
​►Create an account at and initiate the petition for portfolio submission.
​►Work with Edison State's FastPathOhio advisor to create your portfolio.
​►Submit the completed portfolio through FastPathOhio.
​►Complete Portfolio Processing Form.
​►Submit Portfolio Processing form and payment to the Business Office at Edison State.

For more information and to begin the Portfolio process, click here. You can also email Amy Borgert the PLA advisor for more information or phone 937.778.7987.

Proficiency Test 
You may receive credit for some Edison State Community College courses by way of an internal proficiency or 'test out' procedure. Students register for a proficiency exam, pay the appropriate fee, and are contacted by the proctor to arrange an appointment for the exam. 

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) 
Edison State awards credit for appropriate scores on the nationally-recognized CLEP exam. The College Board website provides study and review resources for CLEP exams. You are encouraged to visit this site for study tips, test samples, and additional resources. To receive credit for CLEP, submit your scores to Edison State Community College, Registration and Records Office. Appropriate credit will be awarded and will appear on your transcript as a credit by exam. There is no charge for the posting of credit by exam. To schedule a CLEP exam, email Meghan Cotterman or phone 937.778.7950.