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    Mar 02, 2024  
2019-2020 | Academic Catalog 
2019-2020 | Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Online Offerings

Edison State Community College offers two complete Associate Degree programs online. In addition, there are many courses available online. These programs and courses are listed below. You can locate specific course selection offerings per term by referring to WebAdvisor. Sections in WebAdvisor with an 8xx section number indicate an online course.

Online Programs
Online Courses

Online Readiness


Online Programs

Associate Degree Transfer Programs
See Associate of Arts Transfer  for details.
See Associate of Science Transfer  for details.

Associate of Applied Business (AAB)
See Accounting  for details.*
See Administrative Assistant  for details.
See Banking  for details.*
See Marketing  for details.*
See Medical Office Support  for details.
*Degree can be completed entirely online except for capstone/internship component.

Certificate Programs
See Accounting  for details.
See Administrative Assistant  for details.
See Banking  for details.
See Business  for details.*
See Business Management  for details.
See Business Systems  for details.*
See Computer Information Systems  for details.*
See Database Specialist  for details.*
See Entrepreneurship  for details.*
See Human Resource Management  for details.*
See Marketing  for details.*
See Medical Coder  for details.
See Medical Office Support  for details.
See Paralegal Studies Post-Baccalaureate  for details.*
See Real Estate  for details.
See Supply Chain Management  for details.*
See Systems Administration  for details.*
*Most (80-99%) of this certificate may be completed online.

Short-Term Technical Certificate Programs
See Accounting Clerk  for details.
See Banking Fundamentals  for details.
See Basic Computer Skills  for details.
See Business  for details.
See Human Resource Management  for details.
See Medical Scribe  for details.*
See Real Estate  for details.
See Software Testing  for details.*
See Supply Chain Management  for details.
See Tax Consultant  for details.
*Most (80-99%) of this certificate may be completed online.

Online Courses

Courses listed below are available online. NOTE Not all online courses are available every semester.

ACC 150S Computerized Accounting I   GEO 121S Physical Geography  
ACC 151S Computerized Accounting II    GEO 123S Human Geography  
ACC 121S Introduction to Financial Accounting    
ACC 122S Introduction to Managerial Accounting   GLG 121S Physical Geology  
ACC 214S Intermediate Accounting I    
ACC 215S Intermediate Accounting II   HRM 110S Introduction to Human Resources  
ACC 217S Introduction to Personal Income Taxation   HRM 211S Staffing the Organization  
ACC 225S Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting   HRM 212S Compensation and Benefits  
ACC 231S Auditing   HRM 213S Employee Training/Development  
ALH 101S Introduction to Health Care   HST 121S History of the United States I  
ALH 151S Health Care Medical Terminology   HST 122S History of the United States II  
  HST 125S Western Civilization to 1715  
ANT 121S Introduction to Anthropology   HST 126S Western Civilization Since 1715  
ANT 123S Non-Western Cultures   HST 224S African American History Since 1619  
ART 123S Ancient Art History    
ART 124S Art History: The Modern Era   HUM 121S Introduction to Humanities  
BIO 121S Intro Biology: Cells/Genetics/Evolution   IMT 114S Labor Relations  
BIO 122S Animals, Plants, Ecology   IMT 120S Operations Management I  
BIO 124S Human Biology   IMT 220S Operations Management II  
BIO 125S Anatomy & Physiology I    
BIO 126S Anatomy & Physiology II   LEG 218S Law Office Management  
BIO 140S Basic Nutrition    
BIO 240S Microbiology   MGT 110S Effective Management  
  MGT 126S Human Relations in the Workplace  
BNK 111S Principles of Banking    
BNK 121S Consumer Lending   MKT 112S Effective Selling  
BNK 291R Internship Seminar   MKT 216S Principles of Marketing  
  MKT 218S Customer Service  
BUS 110S Introduction to Business   MKT 219S Integrated Marketing Communications  
BUS 116S Personal Finance    
BUS 221S Principles of Organizational Behavior   MTH 120S Quantitative Reasoning  
BUS 223S Business Communication   MTH 119S Business Mathematics  
BUS 229S Business Finance   MTH 125S General Statistics  
BUS 235S Business Law    
  OHA 100S Introduction to Keyboarding  
CHM 111S Basic Chemistry of Life Processes   OHA 111S Document Processing I  
  OHA 112S Document Processing II  
CIS 101S Introduction to Word Processing   OHA 131S Records Management  
CIS 102S Introduction to Spreadsheets   OHA 231S Office Procedures I  
CIS 103S Introduction to Databases   OHA 232S Office Procedures II  
CIS 104S Introduction to Presentation Graphics   OHA 251S Office Information Systems  
CIS 110S Computer Concepts and Applications   OHA 252S Medical Office Computing  
CIS 131S Fundamentals of Web Development   OHA 253S Office Publishing  
CIS 201S Word Processing    
CIS 202S Spreadsheets   PHI 121S Introduction to Philosophy  
CIS 203S Database Applications   PHI 123S Introduction to Ethics  
CIS 211S Operating System Concepts    
CIS 212S Linux Administration   PLS 121S American National Government  
CIS 214S Networking Essentials   PLS 122S State & Local Government  
CIS 225S Visual Basic Programming   PLS 224S International Relations  
CIS 226S Python Programming    
CIS 231S Front-End Web Development   PSY 121S Introduction to Psychology  
CIS 232S Back-End Web Development   PSY 221S Abnormal Psychology  
CIS 241S Configuring Microsoft Windows Workstation   PSY 227S Life Span Developmental Psychology  
CIS 242S Configuring Microsoft Windows Server   PSY 230S Social Psychology  
CIS 243S Administering Microsoft Windows Server    
CIS 244S Configuring Advanced Windows Server   REL 121S World Religions  
COM 121S Fundamentals of Communication   SCM 110S Introduction to Supply Chain Management  
  SCM 120S Transportation Management  
CRJ 111S Introduction to Criminal Justice   SCM 130S Warehousing Basics  
CRJ 112S Criminal Law   SCM 220S International Logistics  
CRJ 113S Intro to Corrections and Jail Operations   SCM 230S Securing the Supply Chain  
  SCM 250S Supply Chain Management Project  
ECE 130S Nutrition in Early Childhood    
  SOC 121S Introduction to Sociology  
ECO 120S Fundamentals of Economics   SOC 224S Race & Ethnicity  
ECO 221S Principles of Microeconomics   SOC 225S Marriage & Family Relations  
ECO 222S Principles of Macroeconomics   SOC 226S Social Problems  
EDU 126S Educational Technology   SSV 211S Social and Cultural Diversity  
ENG 121S Composition I   THE 121S Introduction to Theater  
ENG 122S Composition II    
ENG 123S Introduction to Literature    
ENG 125S Technical Writing    
ENG 205S Great Books    
ENG 229S Creative Writing    
ENG 232S Fiction Writing    
ENG 241S British Literature I-Middle Ages/Restoration    

Online Readiness

An online course is defined as any course that is taught entirely or nearly entirely online via the internet with no traditional meeting times. Any student wishing to register for an online course must demonstrate readiness to succeed in the online environment. Online courses are designated by an 8xx section number in WebAdvisor, and will indicate a prerequisite of NET 100 | Introduction to the Internet , in addition to any content-based prerequisites. Students may demonstrate online readiness by successfully completing the XLN 100S | Online Readiness Proficiency Workshop . In addition to demonstrating online readiness, students must also qualify for placement into college-level English, via testing or by completing the necessary developmental courses.

The XLN 100S Online Readiness Proficiency Workshop is offered entirely online. The class begins on a Wednesday and ends on the following Tuesday. Students must be registered by the Saturday prior to the Wednesday start date.

In this workshop, students demonstrate readiness and explore key competencies through structured activities. Skills such as email proficiency, “NETiquette,” browsing and searching, working with file attachments and time management are emphasized. Most students complete the course in 3-4 hours over the one-week period. Students who successfully complete this class receive one (1) hour of academic credit and are released to take online courses. The cost of this workshop is $30. The fee is waived for College Credit Plus students taking the course for the first time.

Students that fail to pass this course on the first attempt may retake the class, but the course can be taken only twice in a semester. All repeat attempts will cost $30 per class. Failure to pass the workshop after two attempts will result in being prohibited from attempting the class again during the current semester or the semester immediately following. For registration information, please call Enrollment Services at 937.778.8600 or download the XLN 100S Online Readiness Proficiency Workshop registration form here .