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    Jul 21, 2024  
2024-2025 | Academic Catalog 
2024-2025 | Academic Catalog

Agriculture | A.A.S.

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Part-Time Map  

Career Outlook   

Transfer Agreements  

The Agriculture program covers a broad spectrum of agriculture, life sciences, technology and business to prepare individuals to work in many areas of the agriculture industry. Upon completion, individuals may return to the family farm, operate a small business, join the agriculture workforce or transfer to a four-year institution. Our communities thrive on agriculture, and a skilled workforce in this industry is essential to the success of our region. Offered exclusively at the Edison State Darke County Campus.♦

Some possible careers include ►
family farming, entrepreneur, agriculture communications, agriculture equipment sales, seed specialist, agronomist, agriculture chemical sales, commodity grader/inspector, grain broker, crop insurance agent, equipment maintenance technician, safety coordinator, horticulture/greenhouse manager, production manager, agriculture lending and consultant

Program Outcomes ►
The student will

  1. demonstrate skills in oral and written communication;
  2. recognize the value of good ethical standards and their application to business and agriculture;
  3. develop industry awareness and skills for agriculture and related industries;
  4. develop leadership and team building to promote collaboration and advocacy;
  5. analyze how industry behavior contributes to success, performance and compliance;
  6. demonstrate current and emerging strategies and technologies used in agriculture;
  7. develop skills and knowledge in entrepreneurship, financial literacy and business operations;
  8. examine and employ economic principles, concepts and policies to accomplish organizational goals and profitability;
  9. demonstrate ability to evaluate the situation and recommend action;
  10. demonstrate understanding of proper care and production of plant, animal or natural resource products; and
  11. demonstrate ability to use latest technology to evaluate data and make productive decisions.

Semester 1

  AGR 101S Introduction to Agriculture    3 C   ►The Agriculture Program Director will monitor grades each semester. The director will also meet with students each semester to ensure that they are on track to meeting their career success goals.
Student must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA in technical coursework to graduate.
  BIO 121S Intro Biology: Cells/Genetics/Evolution   4    
  CIS 110S Computer Concepts and Applications    3    
  COM 121S Introduction to Communication     3    
  ENG 121S Composition I     3    
  Credit Hours

Semester 2

  AGR 110S Agricultural Communications & Marketing   3     ►Complete FAFSA for next academic year.
►Apply for Edison State scholarship(s).
  AGR 121S Agribusiness I   3    
  BIO 122S Animals, Plants, Ecology    4    
  Mathematics Elective 1 3    
  Social/Behavioral Science Elective2 3      
  Credit Hours 16      
  1Refer to AAS mathematics requirements. 
2To be chosen from PSY 121S or SOC 121S.

Semester 3

  AGR 131S Introduction to Animal Science   4     ►Students need to have an internship secured by the end of Semester 3. Internship takes place during Semester 4.
  AGR 151S Introduction to Agronomy    4    
  AGR 221S Agribusiness II   3    
  ECO 221S Principles of Microeconomics   3    
  MKT 218S Customer Service   1    
  Credit Hours 15      

Semester 4

  AGR 171S Fundamentals of Agricultural Engineering   3     ►Students transferring to a four-year institution need to submit application(s) by the end of Semester 4.
  AGR 210S Current Issues in Agriculture   3    
  AGR 229S Agriculture Finance   3    
  AGR 291L Internship Experience   2    
  AGR 291R Internship Seminar   1    
  Humanities Elective 1 3      
  Credit Hours 15      
  1Refer to AAS general education requirements.        

Total Credit Hours | 62

♦ Designed for students who have completed prerequisites and have met college preparatory requirements in math, English and basic computer skills.
♦ Students planning to transfer to a four-year university may have additional requirements.

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