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    Jun 22, 2024  
2020-2021 | Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 | Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Business Studies | A.A.B.

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Part-Time Map  

Career Outlook  

Transfer Agreements 

The General Business Studies program provides students with a wealth of knowledge in several areas of the business world. Students that incorporate the transferable business core courses, gain the flexibility to explore several business options and potential career paths.  NOTE  At the core of this degree are at least 36 credit hours that will transfer to a bachelor’s degree in business. It is recommended that students who intend to transfer work closely with an advisor. Some schools accept additional courses for transfer or prefer the Associate of Science degree.

Program Outcomes ►
The student will
demonstrate skills in written and oral communication;
use good interpersonal skills and interact in a team environment;
demonstrate awareness of global world/economic/business issues;
analyze business case studies and outline appropriate recommendations;
distinguish the value of good ethical standards and their application to business;
demonstrate respect for cultural differences and differing points of view in the business environment;
demonstrate proficiency with business technology for both research and communication of marketing, business and accounting information;
apply and interpret international, federal, state and local laws on business operations;
identify the important components of the external environment of a business and explain how the environment influences change; and
understand, communicate and apply concepts in accounting, economics, finance, human resources and marketing.

Semester 1

  BUS 110S Introduction to Business  OR 3 C   ►Meet with advisor to establish student education plan, two-way communication and academic partnership.
  Technical Elective1      
  CIS 110S Computer Concepts and Applications      3    
  COM 121S Fundamentals of Communication      3    
  ENG 121S Composition I    3    
  MTH 119S Business Mathematics   3    
  Credit Hours 15      
  1To be chosen from an ACC, BUS, HRM, MKT, MGT, SCM or IMT course.    

Semester 2

  ACC 121S Introduction to Financial Accounting    4     ►Apply for scholarships and financial aid for next academic year.
►Visit Career Services to explore internship/career opportunities.
  BUS 223S Business Communication   3    
  ECO 221S Principles of Microeconomics   3    
  Humanities Elective 1 3    
  Technical Elective2 3    
  Credit Hours 16    
  1Refer to AAB general education requirements.
2To be chosen from an ACC, BUS, HRM, MKT, MGT, SCM or IMT course.

Semester 3

  BUS 235S Business Law    4     ►Advisor to review student education plan to ensure graduation readiness.
  MKT 216S Principles of Marketing    3    
  Technical Elective1 3    
  Related Electives2 6      
  Credit Hours 16    
  1To be chosen from an ACC, BUS, HRM, MKT, MGT, SCM or IMT course.
2To be chosen from an ACC, BUS, CIS, HRM, MGT, IMT, OHA, RLE, or ECO 222S course, if not already taken.

Semester 4

  BUS 250S Business Capstone    3     ►Student to submit graduation application.
  Social/Behavioral Science Elective1 3    
  Technical Elective2 3    
  Related Electives3 6    
  Credit Hours 15    
  1To be chosen from PSY 121S or SOC 121S.
2To be chosen from an ACC, BUS, HRM, MKT, MGT, SCM or IMT course.
3To be chosen from an ACC, BUS, CIT, HRM, MGT, IMT, OHA, NET, NEP, CSC, RLE or ECO 222S course, if not already taken.

Total Credit Hours | 62

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