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    Jul 24, 2024  
2020-2021 | Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 | Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Systems Administration | A.A.B.

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Part-Time Map  

Career Outlook  

Transfer Agreements 

The Systems Administration option is a two-year program incorporating the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification and the Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA). Edison State Community College is a Microsoft Academic Alliance Member and a Cisco Academy commissioned to deliver training. Students who complete this degree are qualified to install, configure, manage troubleshooting, support a network operating system and install and manage network infrastructure.♦

Program Outcomes ►
The student will 
integrate Edison State core values into every aspect of the program;
incorporate Edison State general education outcomes into every aspect of the program;                                    
evaluate and analyze problems and apply the tools of logical problem solving;        
demonstrate basic computer skills in areas such as applications, operating systems and programming;          
support new technology and demonstrate sufficient knowledge to adapt to this technology;
recognize and understand data communication and its relationship to solve business related technological problems and issues;
apply programming, database, operating systems, virtual machine concepts, security and business application skills to troubleshoot and solve information technology problems specific to degree option; and            
demonstrate ability to research, select, use and troubleshoot hardware, software and network connections appropriate to degree option. 

Certifications ►
Students who pass certification exams and submit verification can receive college credit as follows.
Students with A+ certification may apply for credit for Microcomputer Hardware .
Students with NET+ certification may apply for credit for Networking Essentials .
Students with Security+ certification may apply for credit for Computer Security Essentials .
Students with MCITP:SA certification may apply for 16 credit hours in Network Engineering.
Students with CCNA certification may apply for credit for CCNA 1 , CCNA 2 , CCNA 3  and CCNA 4 .
NOTE  CCNA 1, CCNA 2, CCNA 3 and CCNA 4 help prepare students for the CCNA exam.

Semester 1

  CIS 110S Computer Concepts and Applications      3     ►Advisor and student agree on schedule for Semester 2.
  CIS 211S Operating System Concepts      3 C  
  COM 121S Fundamentals of Communication      3    
  ENG 121S Composition I      3    
  Social/Behavioral Science Elective 1  3    
  Credit Hours 15    
  1Refer to AAB general education requirements.  

Semester 2

  CIS 212S Linux Administration   3     ►Meet with transfer institution advisor, if applicable.
►Advisor and student agree on schedule for Semester 3.
  CIS 214S Networking Essentials      3 C  
  CIS 215S Microcomputer Hardware        3    
  MGT 223S Project Management   3    
  MTH 125S General Statistics    3    
  Credit Hours 15    

Semester 3

  CIS 213S Database Management Concepts   3     ►Meet with Career Services.
►Meet with advisor to identify internship opportunities.
  CIS 241S Configuring Microsoft Windows Workstation   3    
  CIS 242S Configuring Microsoft Windows Server   3 C  
  CYB 236S Computer Security Essentials 1 3    
  ENG 125S Technical Writing   3    
  MKT 218S Customer Service   1    
  Credit Hours 16    
  1Criminal record background check required.

Semester 4

  CIS 243S Administering Microsoft Windows Server   3     ►Submit graduation application.
►Advisor reviews student education plan to ensure graduation readiness.
►Advisor evaluates student’s eligibility to graduate with Systems Administrator Certificate.
►Advisor approves graduation application and encourages student to participate in  commencement ceremony. 
  CIS 244S Configuring Advanced Windows Server   3    
  CIS 290S Capstone Project  OR 3    
  CIS 291L Internship Experience  AND      
  CIS 291R Internship Seminar        
  CYB 237S System Vulnerabilities & Security 1 3    
  Humanities Elective 2 3    
  Credit Hours 15    
  1Criminal record background check required.
2Refer to AAB general education requirements.

Total Credit Hours | 61

♦ Students who cannot demonstrate basic computer skills must take Introduction to Computers before entering this program.

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