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    Jan 24, 2022  
2018-2019 | Academic Catalog 
2018-2019 | Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Administrative Assistant | A.A.B.

The Administrative Assistant program provides students with the skills necessary to work in today's expanded office environment. This program focuses on document processing, machine transcription, and computer skills necessary to produce correspondence, spreadsheets, presentations and manage databases, as well as the ability to write clearly, organize effectively and communicate professionally. Specialized courses in business management, economics, office publishing and human relations will also qualify students for future promotion. Students may have the opportunity to participate in an internship experience.♦ 

Upon admission to Edison State, students presenting International Association of Administrative Professionals CAP or MOS certification, will receive academic credit for the following courses.  NOTE Total credit earned through credit by examination is limited to 30 hours.

Document Processing I    
Document Processing II  
Records Management   
Office Procedures I    
Introduction to Financial Accounting   
Business Communication     
Principles of Organizational Behavior  
Fundamentals of Economics  
Human Relations in the Workforce  
AND choose one of the following
Introduction to Spreadsheets  
Introduction to Databases  
Introduction to Presentation Graphics  
Introduction to the Internet  

Some possible careers include ►
administrative assistant, clerical support, executive assistant, executive secretary, office assistant, office manager, receptionist/clerk, school secretary, technical assistant and transcriptionist.

Program Outcomes ►
The student will
demonstrate in-depth knowledge in the administrative office skills, transcription, records management, computer skills and office procedures;
demonstrate proficiency in oral and written communication, including the use of good grammar, spelling and punctuation, along with an awareness of available resources and the ability to access information;
operate personal computers and adapt to a variety of software applications;
organize work, set priorities and function in an efficient, but flexible manner;
demonstrate the traits of dependability, responsibility, confidentiality and professional ethics as these traits relate to the office profession;
demonstrate effective interpersonal skills with individuals or groups and embrace the culturally diverse workplace with varying points of views;
demonstrate the ability to apply for a position and recognize the importance of success in that position and of advancement to a higher position;
appreciate learning about one's profession and the continuation of this learning;
demonstrate problem-solving skills required by members of a technological office environment; and
possess the skills necessary to succeed as a medical office assistant or administrative assistant.

Semester 1

  CIT 110S Computer Concepts and Applications      3     ►Meet with advisor to establish student education plan, two-way communication and academic partnership.
►Student may not take OHA 111S and OHA 112S concurrently.
►Advisor and student agree on schedule for Semester 2.
  ENG 121S Composition I      3    
  MTH 119S Business Mathematics      3    
  OHA 111S Document Processing I      3    
  Social/Behavioral Science Elective  3    
  Credit Hours 15    
  1Refer to AAB general education requirements.      

Semester 2

  ACC 121S Introduction to Financial Accounting    4     ►Student may not take OHA 111S and OHA 112S concurrently.
►Student to meet with transfer advisor at four-year school, if applicable.
  COM 121S Fundamentals of Communication      3    
  MKT 218S Customer Service       1    
  OHA 112S Document Processing II       3    
  OHA 131S Records Management   3    
  Credit Hours 14      

Semester 3

  BUS 221S Principles of Organizational Behavior    3     ►Student should meet with Career Services.
►Advisor to evaluate student's eligibility to graduate with Administrative Assistant Certificate.
►Student to meet with advisor to identify internship opportunities.
  CIT 232S Spreadsheets   3    
  CIT 236S Windows Based Database Processing      3    
  OHA 231S Office Procedures I     3    
  OHA 251S Office Information Systems   3    
  Credit Hours 15    

Semester 4

  BUS 223S Business Communication     3     ►Student to submit graduation application.
►Advisor to review student education plan to ensure graduation readiness.
►Advisor approves graduation application and encourages student to participate in  commencement ceremony. 
  MGT 126S Human Relations in the Workplace    3    
  OHA 253S Office Publishing        3    
  OHA 232S Office Procedures II  OR    3    
  OHA 291L Internship Experience  AND      
  OHA 291R Internship Seminar        
  Humanities Elective 1     3    
  Technical Elective2  3    
  Credit Hours 18    
  1Refer to AAB general education requirements.
2To be chosen from an ACC, BUS, CIT, HRM, MKT, NET or OHA course.

Total Credit Hours | 62

♦ Students who cannot demonstrate basic computer skills must take Introduction to Computers before entering this program.