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    Aug 13, 2022  
2018-2019 | Academic Catalog 
2018-2019 | Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Information Technology

Enjoy computers? Interested in continually changing computer applications? The field of Information Technology is developing, expanding and intensifying. Individuals interested in this field are needed to lead the way! Information Technology involves creating and applying algorithms to provide solutions to problems. You will learn about various computer languages and how to piece processes together like an intricate puzzle. This career path provides students with a strong computer background and an overview of the workings of the organizational structure. The latter is important since computers are used to a large extent in meeting the informational needs of both large and small organizations. Information technology professionals are needed to assist management in implementing and maintaining computer systems.

Employment opportunities are expected to increase through the next decade. Information technologists function as end users, application developers or systems specialists trained to identify and implement the use of computing software packages. This pathway can lead to a career as an applications programmer, information center consultant, IT director, network administrator, network engineer, programmer, systems analyst, help desk support, user support and more.

Microsoft Imagine is an annual membership program for departments that teach and utilize technology such as Computer Science, Engineering and Information Systems departments. The membership provides a complete, inexpensive solution to keep academic labs, faculty and students on the leading edge of technology. What does this mean for you? It means that as an Edison State student, you can download Microsoft software products, for academic purposes only, for free or nearly free. Software distribution to students occurs through the e-academy License Management System (ELMS). Ask your instructor about Microsoft Imagine.
Click here to view the Microsoft MSDN Academic Alliance Storefront.

Undecided? ► START BIG
Not sure exactly what you want to do? Start by taking some core general information technology courses that will apply to any of our information technology programs. This may help you decide which specific path you want to take.

Explore Specific Information Technology Pathways ►

Degrees ►

Business Systems  
Interactive Technology Programming and Design  
Network Computer Management  
Systems Administrator 

Certificates ►
Edison State offers technical certificates within career program areas. Courses outlined in each certificate can lead to an Associate degree for the program sponsoring the certificate. Students generally receive certificates for the completion of 30-37 semester hours of coursework. A certificate can be completed in twelve months.

Business Systems   
Computer Information Technology    
Computer Languages    
Database Specialist    
Network Computer Management    

Systems Administrator   

Short-Term Technical Certificates ►
Short-Term Technical Certificates give students the skills needed to enter a new career field or to advance in their current role and can be completed in under a year.

Basic Computer Skills   
Help Desk   

Is this the right fit for you? ►
Learn more about yourself and how you align with this career field by visiting Career and Job Services.