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    Sep 18, 2021  
2018-2019 | Academic Catalog 
2018-2019 | Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Industrial Operations | A.A.S.

The Industrial Operations program provides students with a broad background in operations management, industrial health and safety, quality systems, statistics, management techniques and human relations. The program culminates in a project in which students demonstrate the totality of their industrial operations knowledge. Students may seek lean manufacturing certification or a Six Sigma green belt with projects conducted at local manufacturing facilities.

Some possible careers include ►
managers, supervisors or team leaders in inventory control, manufacturing, material handling, materials resource planning, operations, quality, purchasing, transportation and warehousing.

Program Outcomes ►
The student will
demonstrate a basic knowledge of industrial operations;
demonstrate a basic understanding of industrial operations management;
explain the uses and effectiveness of the various quality systems;
apply problem solving tools to industrial operations problems;
explain how human relations in the workplace are essential for continuous improvement;
develop an ethical model of conduct for workplace relationships;
explain cost considerations inherent in industrial operations;
explain the cost savings potential of lean manufacturing and Six Sigma programs;
demonstrate effective written and oral communications skills; and
apply effective interpersonal and teamwork skills.

Semester 1

  CIT 110S Computer Concepts and Applications     3     ►Student should apply for Choose Ohio First scholarship and Hands On Technology scholarship before or during first semester.
►Advisor and student agree on schedule for Semester 2.
  ENG 121S Composition I       
  IMT 112S Environmental Health & Safety   3 C  
  IMT 120S Operations Management I     3 C  
  MGT 110S Effective Management     3 C  
  Credit Hours 15    

Semester 2

  ENG 125S Technical Writing     3     ►Advisor and student agree on schedule for Semester 3.
  IMT 130S Quality Management Systems     4 C  
  IMT 220S Operations Management II     3 C  
  MGT 126S Human Relations in the Workplace     3 C  
  MTH 125S General Statistics   3    
  Credit Hours 16    

Semester 3

  COM 121S Fundamentals of Communication     3     ►Advisor and student to agree on schedule for Semester 4.
  IMT 244S Lean Systems  OR  4 C  
  IMT 246S Six Sigma       C  
  MGT 219S Negotiated Decision Making   3 C  
  MGT 223S Project Management   3    
  PSY 121S Introduction to Psychology   3    
  Technical Elective1 3    
  Credit Hours 19    
  1To be chosen from a BUS, CIT, EGR, HRM, IMT, MFG or SCM course.

Semester 4

  IMT 242S Manufacturing Costs & Controls     3     ►Student to submit graduation application.
►Student to meet with transfer advisor at four-year school, if applicable.
►Capstone course offered spring semester only.
  IMT 250S Industrial Operations Project     3    
  MGT 230S Problem Solving and Decision Making   3    
  PHI 123S Introduction to Ethics   3    
  Technical Elective1 3    
  Credit Hours 15    
  1To be chosen from a BUS, CIT, EGR, HRM, IMT, MFG or SCM course.

Total Credit Hours | 65