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    Sep 17, 2019  
2013-2014 | Academic Catalog 
2013-2014 | Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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Systems Administrator Option, A.A.B.

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The Systems Administrator option is a two-year program incorporating the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification and the Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA). Edison Community College is a Microsoft Academic Alliance Member and a Cisco Academy commissioned to deliver training. Students who complete this degree are qualified to install, configure, manage troubleshooting, support a network operating system, and install and manage network infrastructure.

Program Outcomes

The student will:

  1. Demonstrate and show appreciation for Edison's Core Values;
  2. Demonstrate general education competence in communication, humanities, mathematics and social sciences;
  3. Evaluate and analyze problems and apply the tools of logical problem solving;
  4. Demonstrate basic computer skills in areas such as applications, operating systems, hardware and programming;
  5. Support new technology and demonstrate sufficient knowledge to adapt to this technology.

In addition to the five general CIT outcomes, the Systems Administrator student will:

  1. Design and implement fundamental network security solutions;
  2. Configure WLAN products including access points, bridges, client devices and accessories;
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in hardware and software installation and configuration;
  4. Design and implement LAN and WAN infrastructures;
  5. Manage server resources, monitor server performance, and safeguard data.


Students who pass certification exams and submit verification can receive college credit as follows:

  • Students with A+ certification may apply for credit for CIT 215S .
  • Students with NET+ certification may apply for credit for CIT 214S .
  • Students with Security+ certification may apply for credit for CIT 237S .
  • Students with MCITP:SA certification may apply for 16 credit hours in NEP.
  • Students with CCNA certification may apply for credit for CSC 110S , CSC 111S , CSC 130S , and CSC 131S .
  • NOTE: CSC 110S , CSC 111S , CSC 130S , and CSC 131S  help prepare students for the CCNA exam.

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