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    Dec 11, 2019  
2019-2020 | Academic Catalog 
2019-2020 | Academic Catalog

Course Descriptions

The Course Description page provides direct access to of all of the courses offered at Edison State Community College. Utilize the Course Filter option below to search for a specific course or subset of courses.




   •  ACC 121S Introduction to Financial Accounting
   •  ACC 122S Introduction to Managerial Accounting
   •  ACC 150S Computerized Accounting I
   •  ACC 151S Computerized Accounting II
   •  ACC 214S Intermediate Accounting I
   •  ACC 215S Intermediate Accounting II
   •  ACC 217S Introduction to Personal Income Taxation
   •  ACC 225S Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting
   •  ACC 231S Auditing
   •  ACC 291L Internship Experience
   •  ACC 291R Internship Seminar
   •  ACC 299S Selected Topics in Accounting


   •  AGR 101S Introduction to Agriculture
   •  AGR 110S Agricultural Communications & Marketing
   •  AGR 121S Agribusiness I
   •  AGR 131S Introduction to Animal Science
   •  AGR 151S Introduction to Agronomy
   •  AGR 171S Fundamentals of Agricultural Engineering
   •  AGR 210S Current Issues in Agriculture
   •  AGR 221S Agribusiness II
   •  AGR 229S Agriculture Finance
   •  AGR 291L Internship Experience
   •  AGR 291R Internship Seminar
   •  AGR 299S Selected Topics in Agriculture

Allied Health

   •  ALH 101S Introduction to Health Care
   •  ALH 151S Health Care Medical Terminology

American Sign Language

   •  ASL 121S American Sign Language I
   •  ASL 122S American Sign Language II
   •  ASL 123S Intermediate American Sign Language
   •  ASL 299S Selected Topics in American Sign Language


   •  ANT 121S Introduction to Anthropology
   •  ANT 123S Non-Western Cultures
   •  ANT 125S Introduction to Archaeology
   •  ANT 299S Selected Topics in Anthropology


   •  ART 123S Ancient Art History
   •  ART 124S Art History: The Modern Era
   •  ART 126S Color Theory
   •  ART 127S Two-Dimensional Foundations Studio
   •  ART 130S Drawing I
   •  ART 131S Drawing II
   •  ART 138S Ceramics I
   •  ART 142S Three-Dimensional Foundations Studio
   •  ART 143S Introduction to Sculpture
   •  ART 144S Raku
   •  ART 150S Painting I
   •  ART 151S Painting II
   •  ART 153S Watercolor Painting I
   •  ART 154S Watercolor Painting II
   •  ART 160S Photography I
   •  ART 161S Photography II
   •  ART 164S Lighting Principles
   •  ART 165S Digital Photography
   •  ART 170S Printmaking I
   •  ART 293S Portfolio Development for Fine Arts
   •  ART 298S Advanced Major Projects
   •  ART 299S Selected Topics in Art


   •  AVN 101S Private Pilot Ground
   •  AVN 102S Private Pilot Flight Lab
   •  AVN 111S Instrument Ground
   •  AVN 112S Instrument Flight Lab
   •  AVN 201S Commercial Ground
   •  AVN 202S Commercial Flight Lab I
   •  AVN 203S Commercial Flight Lab II
   •  AVN 204S Multi-Engine Commercial Ground
   •  AVN 205S Multi-Engine Commercial Flight Lab
   •  AVN 213S Certified Flight Instructor Ground
   •  AVN 214S Certified Flight Instructor Flight Lab
   •  AVN 215S Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Ground
   •  AVN 216S Certified Instrument Instructor Flight Lab
   •  AVN 217S Multi-Engine Instructor Flight Lab


   •  BNK 111S Principles of Banking
   •  BNK 121S Consumer Lending
   •  BNK 291L Internship Experience
   •  BNK 291R Internship Seminar


   •  BIO 121S Intro Biology: Cells/Genetics/Evolution
   •  BIO 122S Animals, Plants, Ecology
   •  BIO 124S Human Biology
   •  BIO 125S Anatomy & Physiology I
   •  BIO 126S Anatomy & Physiology II
   •  BIO 140S Basic Nutrition
   •  BIO 225S Exercise Physiology
   •  BIO 240S Microbiology
   •  BIO 241S Microbiology Laboratory
   •  BIO 299S Selected Topics in Biology


   •  BUS 110S Introduction to Business
   •  BUS 116S Personal Finance
   •  BUS 200S Entrepreneurship
   •  BUS 210S International Business
   •  BUS 221S Principles of Organizational Behavior
   •  BUS 223S Business Communication
   •  BUS 229S Business Finance
   •  BUS 235S Business Law
   •  BUS 250S Business Capstone
   •  BUS 291L Internship Experience
   •  BUS 291R Internship Seminar
   •  BUS 299S Selected Topics in Business


   •  CHM 110S Introduction to Chemistry
   •  CHM 111S Basic Chemistry of Life Processes
   •  CHM 121S General Chemistry I
   •  CHM 122S General Chemistry II

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