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    Nov 15, 2019  
2017-2018 | Academic Catalog 
2017-2018 | Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions



   •  ACC 121S Introduction to Financial Accounting
   •  ACC 122S Introduction to Managerial Accounting
   •  ACC 150S Computerized Accounting I
   •  ACC 151S Computerized Accounting II
   •  ACC 214S Intermediate Accounting I
   •  ACC 215S Intermediate Accounting II
   •  ACC 217S Introduction to Personal Income Taxation
   •  ACC 225S Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting
   •  ACC 231S Auditing
   •  ACC 291L Internship Experience
   •  ACC 291R Internship Seminar
   •  ACC 299S Selected Topics in Accounting


   •  AGR 101S Introduction to Agriculture
   •  AGR 110S Agricultural Communications & Marketing
   •  AGR 121S Agribusiness I
   •  AGR 131S Introduction to Animal Science
   •  AGR 151S Introduction to Agronomy
   •  AGR 171S Fundamentals of Agricultural Engineering
   •  AGR 210S Current Issues in Agriculture
   •  AGR 221S Agribusiness II
   •  AGR 229S Agriculture Finance
   •  AGR 291L Internship Experience
   •  AGR 291R Internship Seminar
   •  AGR 299S Selected Topics in Agriculture

Allied Health

   •  ALH 101S Introduction to Health Care

American Sign Language

   •  ASL 121S American Sign Language I
   •  ASL 122S American Sign Language II
   •  ASL 123S Intermediate American Sign Language
   •  ASL 299S Selected Topics in American Sign Language


   •  ANT 121S Introduction to Anthropology
   •  ANT 123S Non-Western Cultures
   •  ANT 125S Introduction to Archaeology
   •  ANT 299S Selected Topics in Anthropology


   •  ART 101S Introduction to the Macintosh
   •  ART 123S Ancient Art History
   •  ART 124S Art History: the Modern Era
   •  ART 126S Color Theory
   •  ART 127S Basic Design
   •  ART 130S Drawing I
   •  ART 131S Drawing II
   •  ART 138S Ceramics I
   •  ART 143S Introduction to Sculpture
   •  ART 144S Raku
   •  ART 150S Painting I
   •  ART 151S Painting II
   •  ART 153S Watercolor Painting I
   •  ART 154S Watercolor Painting II
   •  ART 160S Photography I
   •  ART 161S Photography II
   •  ART 164S Lighting Principles
   •  ART 165S Digital Photography
   •  ART 170S Printmaking I
   •  ART 293S Portfolio Development for Fine Arts
   •  ART 298S Advanced Major Projects
   •  ART 299S Selected Topics in Art


   •  BIO 121S Intro Biology: Cells/Genetics/Evolution
   •  BIO 122S Animals, Plants, Ecology
   •  BIO 124S Human Biology
   •  BIO 125S Anatomy & Physiology I
   •  BIO 126S Anatomy & Physiology II
   •  BIO 140S Basic Nutrition
   •  BIO 225S Exercise Physiology
   •  BIO 240S Microbiology
   •  BIO 241S Microbiology Laboratory
   •  BIO 299S Selected Topics in Biology


   •  BUS 110S Introduction to Business
   •  BUS 116S Personal Finance
   •  BUS 200S Entrepreneurship
   •  BUS 210S International Business
   •  BUS 221S Principles of Organizational Behavior
   •  BUS 223S Business Communication
   •  BUS 229S Business Finance
   •  BUS 235S Business Law
   •  BUS 250S Business Capstone
   •  BUS 291L Internship Experience
   •  BUS 291R Internship Seminar
   •  BUS 299S Selected Topics in Business


   •  CHM 110S Introduction to Chemistry
   •  CHM 111S Basic Chemistry of Life Processes
   •  CHM 121S General Chemistry I
   •  CHM 122S General Chemistry II
   •  CHM 299S Selected Topics in Chemistry


   •  CSC 117S Fundamentals of Wireless LANs
   •  CSC 210S CCNA 1
   •  CSC 211S CCNA 2
   •  CSC 212S CCNA 3
   •  CSC 213S CCNA 4
   •  CSC 299S Selected Topics in Cisco


   •  COM 121S Fundamentals of Communication
   •  COM 221S Mass Communication
   •  COM 228S Interpersonal Communication
   •  COM 229S Small Group Communication
   •  COM 241S Communication Theory
   •  COM 299S Selected Topics in Communications

Computer Information Technology

   •  CIT 100S Introduction to Computers
   •  CIT 101S Introduction to Word Processing
   •  CIT 102S Introduction to Spreadsheets
   •  CIT 103S Introduction to Databases
   •  CIT 104S Introduction to Presentation Graphics
   •  CIT 106S Introduction to the Macintosh

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