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    Aug 18, 2019  
2017-2018 | Academic Catalog 
2017-2018 | Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions



   •  ENG 241S British Literature I-Middle Ages/Restoration
   •  ENG 242S British Literature II-Romantics/20th Century
   •  ENG 299S Selected Topics in English


   •  FRN 121S Beginning French I
   •  FRN 122S Beginning French II
   •  FRN 221S Intermediate French I
   •  FRN 222S Intermediate French II
   •  FRN 299S Selected Topics in French

General Studies

   •  GEN 101S First Year Experience
   •  GEN 299S Selected Topics in General Studies


   •  GEO 121S Physical Geography
   •  GEO 123S Human Geography
   •  GEO 299S Selected Topics in Geography


   •  GLG 121S Physical Geology
   •  GLG 122S Historical Geology/Contemporary Topics
   •  GLG 299S Selected Topics in Geology


   •  GER 121S Beginning German I
   •  GER 122S Beginning German II
   •  GER 221S Intermediate German I
   •  GER 222S Intermediate German II
   •  GER 299S Selected Topics in German

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

   •  HVA 101S Basic HVAC Systems with Cooling
   •  HVA 121S Heating Systems
   •  HVA 141S HVAC Installation Techniques & Practices
   •  HVA 171S HVAC Industrial Refrigeration
   •  HVA 201S HVAC Design and Application


   •  HST 121S History of the United States I
   •  HST 122S History of the United States II
   •  HST 125S Western Civilization to 1715
   •  HST 126S Western Civilization Since 1715
   •  HST 127S Greek Civilization
   •  HST 224S African American History since 1619
   •  HST 299S Selected Topics in History

Honors Program

   •  HON 101S Honors Program Orientation

Human Resource Management

   •  HRM 110S Introduction to Human Resources
   •  HRM 211S Staffing the Organization
   •  HRM 212S Compensation and Benefits
   •  HRM 213S Employee Training/Development
   •  HRM 291L Internship Experience
   •  HRM 291R Internship Seminar
   •  HRM 299S Selected Topics in Human Resource Mgmt.


   •  HUM 121S Introduction to Humanities
   •  HUM 299S Selected Topics in Humanities

Industrial Management

   •  IMT 112S Environmental Health & Safety
   •  IMT 114S Labor Relations
   •  IMT 120S Operations Management I
   •  IMT 130S Quality Management Systems
   •  IMT 220S Operations Management II
   •  IMT 242S Manufacturing Costs & Controls
   •  IMT 244S Lean Systems
   •  IMT 246S Six Sigma
   •  IMT 250S Industrial Operations Project
   •  IMT 299S Selected Topics in Industrial Management

Internet Technologies

   •  NET 100S Introduction to the Internet
   •  NET 101S Introduction to Internet Development
   •  NET 105S Computer Graphics
   •  NET 205S Digital Video Production


   •  MGT 110S Effective Management
   •  MGT 126S Human Relations in the Workplace
   •  MGT 219S Negotiated Decision Making
   •  MGT 223S Project Management
   •  MGT 230S Problem Solving and Decision Making
   •  MGT 299S Selected Topics in Management


   •  MFG 110S Metrology
   •  MFG 114S Survey of Manufacturing Processes
   •  MFG 120S Materials Technology
   •  MFG 234S CNC Programming
   •  MFG 235S CAM Programming
   •  MFG 251S Die Fundamentals
   •  MFG 252S Die Construction
   •  MFG 253S Die Maintenance
   •  MFG 299S Selected Topics in Manufacturing


   •  MKT 112S Effective Selling
   •  MKT 216S Principles of Marketing
   •  MKT 218S Customer Service
   •  MKT 219S Integrated Marketing Communications
   •  MKT 231S Digital Marketing
   •  MKT 291L Marketing Internship Experience
   •  MKT 291R Marketing Internship Seminar
   •  MKT 299S Selected Topics in Marketing


   •  MTH 096D Basic Mathematics
   •  MTH 097D Beginning Algebra
   •  MTH 098D Intermediate Algebra I
   •  MTH 099D Intermediate Algebra II
   •  MTH 110S Math in Society
   •  MTH 115S Applied Mathematics
   •  MTH 119S Business Mathematics
   •  MTH 122S College Algebra
   •  MTH 123S Trigonometry
   •  MTH 125S General Statistics
   •  MTH 126S Mathematical Foundations I
   •  MTH 127S Mathematical Foundations II
   •  MTH 128S Precalculus
   •  MTH 221S Calculus/Analytical Geometry I
   •  MTH 222S Calculus/Analytical Geometry II
   •  MTH 223S Calculus/Analytical Geometry III
   •  MTH 226S Calculus for Business & Life Sciences
   •  MTH 231S Differential Equations
   •  MTH 299S Selected Topics in Mathematics

Mechanical Engineering Technology

   •  MET 125S Applied Engineering Statics

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