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    Dec 16, 2019  
2013-2014 | Academic Catalog 
2013-2014 | Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions


Peace Officer Academy

   •  POA 299S Selected Topics in Police Officer Academy


   •  PHI 121S Introduction to Philosophy
   •  PHI 123S Introduction to Ethics
   •  PHI 299S Selected Topics in Philosophy


   •  PLB 110S Phlebotomy/Basic Laboratory Collections
   •  PLB 150S Phlebotomy & Laboratory Techniques
   •  PLB 291L Phlebotomy Internship
   •  PLB 291R Phlebotomy Internship Seminar
   •  PLB 299S Selected Topics in Phlebotomy

Physical Education

   •  PED 120S Beginning Karate
   •  PED 121S Intermediate Karate
   •  PED 128S Golf
   •  PED 162S Tennis I
   •  PED 163S Tennis II
   •  PED 164S Weight Training I
   •  PED 299S Selected Topics in Physical Education

Physical Therapist Assistant

   •  PTA 101S Intro to Physical Therapist Assisting
   •  PTA 120S Biomechanics
   •  PTA 125S Pathology & Practice
   •  PTA 130S Clinical Practicum I
   •  PTA 210S Integrated Practice & Therapeutic Exercise
   •  PTA 215S Tests & Measures
   •  PTA 220S Advanced Therapeutic Exercise
   •  PTA 225S Rehabilitation
   •  PTA 230S Clinical Practicum II


   •  PHY 121S College Physics I
   •  PHY 122S College Physics II
   •  PHY 241S Science & Engineering Physics I
   •  PHY 242S Science & Engineering Physics II
   •  PHY 245S Basic Physics Concepts
   •  PHY 299S Selected Topics in Physics

Political Science

   •  PLS 121S American National Government
   •  PLS 122S State & Local Government
   •  PLS 224S International Relations
   •  PLS 225S Constitutional Law
   •  PLS 299S Selected Topics in Political Science


   •  PSY 121S Introduction to Psychology
   •  PSY 126S Psychology Personal Effectiveness
   •  PSY 221S Abnormal Psychology
   •  PSY 225S Child Psychology
   •  PSY 227S Life Span Developmental Psychology
   •  PSY 228S Human Sexuality
   •  PSY 229S Social and Cultural Diversity
   •  PSY 230S Social Psychology
   •  PSY 299S Selected Topics in Psychology

Real Estate

   •  RLE 111S Principles/Practices Real Estate
   •  RLE 112S Real Estate Law
   •  RLE 113S Real Estate Finance
   •  RLE 211S Real Estate Appraising
   •  RLE 250S Real Estate Sales
   •  RLE 299S Intro to Real Estate


   •  REL 121S World Religions
   •  REL 299S Special Topics in Religion

Social Services

   •  SSV 111S Introduction to Social Work
   •  SSV 112S Social Service Interview Skills/Methods
   •  SSV 113S Introduction to Social Welfare
   •  SSV 115S Juvenile Delinquency
   •  SSV 211S Social and Cultural Diversity
   •  SSV 212S Crisis Intervention Methods
   •  SSV 213S Group Work in Social Services
   •  SSV 214S Chemical Dependency & Addiction Studies
   •  SSV 215S Chemical Dependency II
   •  SSV 217S Social Work Documentation & Case Mgmt.
   •  SSV 237S Death and Dying
   •  SSV 291L Internship I Experience
   •  SSV 291R Internship I Seminar
   •  SSV 292L Internship II Experience
   •  SSV 292R Internship II Seminar
   •  SSV 299S Selected Topics in Social Services


   •  SOC 115S Juvenile Delinquency
   •  SOC 121S Introduction to Sociology
   •  SOC 224S Race & Ethnicity
   •  SOC 225S Marriage & Family Relations
   •  SOC 299S Selected Topics in Sociology


   •  SPN 121S Beginning Spanish I
   •  SPN 122S Beginning Spanish II
   •  SPN 221S Intermediate Spanish I
   •  SPN 222S Intermediate Spanish II
   •  SPN 299S Selected Topics in Spanish

Supply Chain Management

   •  SCM 110S Introduction to Supply Chain Management
   •  SCM 120S Transportation Management
   •  SCM 130S Warehousing Basics
   •  SCM 220S International Logistics
   •  SCM 230S Securing the Supply Chain
   •  SCM 250S Supply Chain Management Project


   •  THE 121S Introduction to Theater
   •  THE 125S Acting I
   •  THE 126S Directing
   •  THE 131S Text Interpretation
   •  THE 141S Introduction to the Alexander Technique
   •  THE 201S Costume Design
   •  THE 225S Styles of Acting
   •  THE 291S Rehearsal & Performance
   •  THE 292S Technical Theater Practicum
   •  THE 299S Selected Topics in Theater


   •  WLD 101S Manual Shielded Metal Arc Welding
   •  WLD 102S Manual Gas Metal Arc Welding
   •  WLD 103S Manual Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
   •  WLD 111S Basic Welding

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