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    Nov 17, 2019  
2013-2014 | Academic Catalog 
2013-2014 | Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions



   •  MTH 125S General Statistics
   •  MTH 126S Mathematical Foundations I
   •  MTH 127S Mathematical Foundations II
   •  MTH 221S Calculus/Analytical Geometry I
   •  MTH 222S Calculus/Analytical Geometry II
   •  MTH 223S Calculus/Analytical Geometry III
   •  MTH 226S Calculus for Business & Life Sciences
   •  MTH 231S Differential Equations
   •  MTH 299S Selected Topics in Mathematics

Mechanical Engineering Technology

   •  MET 125S Applied Engineering Statics
   •  MET 130S AutoCAD I
   •  MET 211S Applied Engineering Dynamics
   •  MET 212S Applied Strength of Materials
   •  MET 214S Applied Fluid Mechanics
   •  MET 225S Machine Design
   •  MET 230S AutoCAD II
   •  MET 236S Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
   •  MET 241S Design With Pro/Engineer I
   •  MET 243S Design With Pro/Engineer II
   •  MET 245S Design with SolidWorks I
   •  MET 247S Design with Inventor I
   •  MET 299S Selected Topics in Mechanical Engineering

Medical Assisting

   •  MED 120S Medical Assisting Clinical Procedures I
   •  MED 150S Medical Assisting Lab Techniques
   •  MED 220S Medical Assisting Clinical Procedures II
   •  MED 291L Medical Assisting Internship
   •  MED 291R Medical Assisting Internship Seminar

Medical Laboratory Technology

   •  MLT 121S Introduction to Laboratory Medicine
   •  MLT 135S Urinalysis and Body Fluids
   •  MLT 230S Clinical Chemistry
   •  MLT 235S Immunology & Blood Bank
   •  MLT 245S Clinical Microbiology & Parasitology
   •  MLT 250S Clinical Hematology & Hemostasis
   •  MLT 291L Directed Practice I
   •  MLT 291R Directed Practice Seminar I
   •  MLT 292L Directed Practice II
   •  MLT 292R Directed Practice Seminar II

Mobile Powered Equipment

   •  MPE 110S Machinery Operations
   •  MPE 121S Basic Electrical
   •  MPE 125S Basic Hydraulics
   •  MPE 141S Internal Combustion Engines
   •  MPE 221S Mobile Electrical Systems
   •  MPE 223S Mobile Electronic Systems
   •  MPE 225S Mobile Hydraulics & Hydrostatics
   •  MPE 231S Mobile Air Conditioning & Heating
   •  MPE 235S Power Trains
   •  MPE 241S Advanced Internal Combustion Engines
   •  MPE 250L Applied Mobile Troubleshooting
   •  MPE 291L MPE Internship Experience
   •  MPE 291R MPE Internship Seminar
   •  MPE 299S Selected Topics-Mobile Powered Equipment


   •  MUS 120S Music Appreciation
   •  MUS 127S Music As a World Phenomenon
   •  MUS 129S History of Rock Music Styles
   •  MUS 299S Selected Topics in Music

Network Engineering

   •  NEP 232S MS Windows 7 Configuration
   •  NEP 233S Microsoft Server 2008 Active Directory
   •  NEP 234S MS Win Server 2008 Network Infrastructure
   •  NEP 235S MS Win Server 2008 Administrator
   •  NEP 299S Selected Topics in Network Engineering


   •  NUR 135S Health Promotion of the Adult
   •  NUR 165S Clinical Applications Nursing I
   •  NUR 190S LPN to RN Transition
   •  NUR 210S Role of Nurse in Clinical Applications I
   •  NUR 265S Clinical Applications in Nursing II
   •  NUR 275S Caring for Childbearing Family/Capstone
   •  NUR 299S Selected Topics in Nursing

Office Systems Administration

   •  OSA 100S Microcomputer Keyboarding
   •  OSA 111S Document Processing I
   •  OSA 112S Document Processing II
   •  OSA 131S Records Management
   •  OSA 151S Medical Terminology
   •  OSA 152S Medical Transcription
   •  OSA 230S Medical Office Procedures
   •  OSA 231S Office Procedures I
   •  OSA 232S Office Procedures II
   •  OSA 233S Medical Insurance & Coding I
   •  OSA 234S Medical Insurance & Coding II
   •  OSA 251S Office Information Systems
   •  OSA 252S Medical Office Computing
   •  OSA 253S Office Publishing
   •  OSA 291L Internship Experience
   •  OSA 291R Internship Seminar
   •  OSA 299S Selected Topics in Office Systems Administration

Online Workshop

   •  XLN 100S Introduction to Online Learning

Paralegal Studies

   •  LEG 110S Introduction Legal Assisting
   •  LEG 130S Legal Research and Writing
   •  LEG 211S Probate Administration
   •  LEG 216S Family Law
   •  LEG 218S Law Office Management
   •  LEG 231S Litigation I
   •  LEG 232S Litigation II
   •  LEG 235S Business Organizations
   •  LEG 240S Real Estate Law
   •  LEG 251S Bankruptcy Law
   •  LEG 290L Internship Experience
   •  LEG 290R Internship Seminar
   •  LEG 299S Selected Topics in Paralegal

Peace Officer Academy

   •  POA 270S Police Officer Academy I
   •  POA 275S Police Officer Academy II

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