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    Oct 23, 2018  
2013-2014 | Academic Catalog 
2013-2014 | Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions



   •  COM 221S Mass Communication
   •  COM 228S Interpersonal Communication
   •  COM 229S Small Group Communication
   •  COM 241S Communication Theory
   •  COM 299S Selected Topics in Communications

Computer Information Technology

   •  CIT 100S Introduction to Computers
   •  CIT 101S Introduction to Word Processing
   •  CIT 102S Introduction to Spreadsheets
   •  CIT 103S Introduction to Databases
   •  CIT 104S Intro to Presentation Graphics
   •  CIT 106S Introduction to the Macintosh
   •  CIT 110S Computer Concepts and Applications
   •  CIT 111S Programming Logic and Design
   •  CIT 112S Game Development Essentials
   •  CIT 139S Microcomputer Word Processing
   •  CIT 211S Operating Systems Concepts
   •  CIT 212S Introduction to LINUX
   •  CIT 213S Creating 3D Models
   •  CIT 214S Networking Essentials
   •  CIT 215S Microcomputer Hardware
   •  CIT 216S Capstone Project
   •  CIT 222S Introduction to Programming C++
   •  CIT 223S Advanced Programming Using C#
   •  CIT 225S Visual Basic Programming
   •  CIT 230S Java Programming
   •  CIT 231S Multimedia Programming With Java
   •  CIT 232S Spreadsheets
   •  CIT 236S Windows Based Database Processing
   •  CIT 237S Computer Security Essentials
   •  CIT 238S System Vulnerabilities & Security
   •  CIT 242S Computer Forensics Essentials
   •  CIT 243S Advanced Computer Forensics
   •  CIT 245S 3D Game Programming
   •  CIT 248S Programming With Python
   •  CIT 250S Database Management Concepts
   •  CIT 280S Mobile Applications Development
   •  CIT 291L Internship Experience
   •  CIT 291R Internship Seminar
   •  CIT 299S Selected Topics in Computer Info Tech

Criminal Justice

   •  CRJ 111S Introduction to Criminal Justice
   •  CRJ 112S Criminal Law
   •  CRJ 113S Intro to Corrections and Jail Operation
   •  CRJ 211S Criminal Investigation
   •  CRJ 212S Intro to Probation, Parole & Community
   •  CRJ 213S Criminology
   •  CRJ 299S Selected Topics in Criminal Justice

Early Childhood Education

   •  ECE 115S Introduction to Child Development
   •  ECE 124S Curriculum Early Childhood Program
   •  ECE 125S Observation, Guidance & Group Management
   •  ECE 127S Creative Activities
   •  ECE 128S Children's Literature
   •  ECE 130S Nutrition in Early Childhood
   •  ECE 210S Early Language and Literacy
   •  ECE 212S Cognitive Development
   •  ECE 215S Administration of ECE Programs
   •  ECE 216S Infant & Toddler Caregiving & Supervision
   •  ECE 220L Practicum Experience
   •  ECE 220R Practicum Seminar
   •  ECE 221S Family & Community Relations
   •  ECE 230S Creating Instructional Materials
   •  ECE 235S Reggio Emilia
   •  ECE 260S Child Development Associate Credential
   •  ECE 299S Selected Topics in Early Childhood Education


   •  ECO 120S Fundamentals of Economics
   •  ECO 221S Principles of Microeconomics
   •  ECO 222S Principles of Macroeconomics
   •  ECO 299S Selected Topics in Economics


   •  EDU 111S Introduction to Education
   •  EDU 126S Educational Technology
   •  EDU 213S Individuals With Exceptionalities
   •  EDU 226S Educational Psychology

Electronics Engineering Technology

   •  ELT 110S Circuits I
   •  ELT 121S Electronic Devices
   •  ELT 131S Industrial Controls
   •  ELT 141S Digital Electronics
   •  ELT 151S Programmable Logic Controllers
   •  ELT 210S Circuits II
   •  ELT 221S Electronic Circuits
   •  ELT 231S Electrical Power and Control
   •  ELT 233S Servo Systems and Robotics
   •  ELT 241S Microcontrollers
   •  ELT 251S Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers
   •  ELT 299S Selected Topics in Electronics

Engineering Technology

   •  EGR 100S Introduction to Engineering
   •  EGR 110S Print Reading and Sketching
   •  EGR 225S Hydraulics and Pneumatics
   •  EGR 240S Analytical Troubleshooting
   •  EGR 250S Engineering Technology Capstone Project
   •  EGR 270S Introduction to Renewable Energy
   •  EGR 272S Wind Energy Systems I
   •  EGR 276S Solar Energy Systems I
   •  EGR 291L Internship Experience
   •  EGR 291R Internship Seminar
   •  EGR 299S Selected Topics in Engineering


   •  ENG 080D Grammar Review
   •  ENG 085D College Language Development
   •  ENG 091D Basic Writing
   •  ENG 093D College Preparatory Reading
   •  ENG 095D Selected Topics in Developmental English
   •  ENG 121S Composition I

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